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Low Price Guarantee

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FREE Shipping Nationwide

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Installation Support

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Standard Showers

Standard Showers

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A typical "Standard" Shower consists of a Shower Base and three Wall Panels. A ceiling panel may also be added, and we have a special High Temperature Resin for steam showers. All Standard Full Height Shower Bases we have available are listed on this page. Other standard bases include: Low Profile, Neo-Angle, Double Threshold, or Ramp Style showers, available on their respected pages. For custom sizes or configurations, visit the Popular Shower Configuration page, where you will discover infinite possibilities.

Premier Custom Baths gives you a choice of over 60 colors and 75 standard base sizes so you don't have to settle for something you really don't want. For a distinctive look, several different trim options are available, as well as contrasting stripes and borders and even graphic inlays to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your shower. Premier Custom Baths also provides a wide range of accessories including Soap Dishes, Shampoo Caddies, Towel Bars, Shower Seats and even Foot Shelves, displayed on the Accessories page.
When planning your shower, it is important to order all the different components, trim and accessories at the same time, to assure proper fit and color match.

Product Certification: ANSI standard, Slip Coefficient, and ASTM E-84 Flame test results

Looking to Do-It-Yourself?

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, and are looking for affordable
Onyx Collection Showers and Vanity tops, take a look at our sister company diy-showers.com.

Do it yourself Onyx Collection Showers