Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee

We take as much pride in your project as you do!

Premier Custom Baths guarantees to give you the best possible products and friendliest support, all at the most affordable rates.

Free Shipping Nationwide

FREE Shipping Nationwide

We are happy to offer free shipping to anywhere within the continental United States on orders over $200.

Shipments to planets other than Earth will have $3.25 added to the order.

Installation Support

Installation Support

Chat with an experienced installation consultant
Email your specs to our design team
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Call our cheerful team here at Premier Custom Baths - we don't bite, just help! :)

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Do it yourself Onyx Shower installation

Free Color Samples

All our products are available in 65 different colors (granites, suedes, and solid colors) and two different finishes (matte and gloss).

So, whatever your style may be - we've got your color! Request any 8 colors and they will have FREE sample chips of your choice sent directly to your home or office.

Free Color Samples

Select up to 8 colors, and we will send you a sample of each.


Gloss Matte

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