Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee

We take as much pride in your project as you do!

Premier Custom Baths guarantees to give you the best possible products and friendliest support, all at the most affordable rates.

Free Shipping Nationwide

FREE Shipping Nationwide

We are happy to offer free shipping to anywhere within the continental United States on orders over $200.

Shipments to planets other than Earth will have $3.25 added to the order.

Installation Support

Installation Support

Chat with an experienced installation consultant
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About Us

What we do

So you have that ugly shower that is impossible to clean, or maybe a tub that looks like it was used to store industrial waste at one point?

If it's time for a shower, tub, or sinks that are easy to clean, looks great, and won't break the bank, you have come to the right place!

We are happy to:

Help you find the best product for the space you have for your shower, and we love finding a product to match your style and budget!
Help you through every step of the installation process with our many years of installation experience!
Find a qualified installer to make your ideas become a reality.
Deliver a quality product to your doorstep, free of charge*, and in a timely manner.
Offer you a product that is proudly manufactured in the USA, that will last a lifetime, and is guaranteed forever!

A little about who we are

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!
I am Adam Harpe, owner of Premier Custom Baths! I started Premier Custom Baths twelve years ago, to deliver a quality product at affordable prices, and offer friendly, personal support.

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